you care
with the gift
of Rolfing Sessions!

Need a gift that's as caring as you are?

Are you looking for a creative way to give bonuses and holiday gifts that will make your hard working staff or service providers feel truly cared for? Something that will make you stand out, yet doesn’t require you to put in additional time and effort in execution?

If you want to give back to those who "have your back"  in a truly unique way, then our Rolfing Packages are a perfect fit! Rolfing is a form of deep tissue manipulation that releases stress, relieves pain, and helps improve energy and focus. It’s especially effective for those who have pain and soreness due to repetitive motion, which is common in construction, office work, and retail positions. But instead of being a “feel good” event only during the session, Rolfing has a longer lasting effect, helping your people feel better, longer.


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We often put others before our own self care, which is why the gift of a Rolfing session is such a special and unique offering. Giving your employees or favorite clients/vendors a planned time to tune out and feel better is a gift they rarely give themselves.

Small team or full office, we've got your back.

Whether you have a small set of 10 vendors or up to 50 employees, we can accommodate your gifting needs with sessions tailored to you.  We can provide the sessions at your office (if you have a spare room) for an Employee Wellness week, or provide you redeemable Gift Certificates for your folks to schedule a visit at our studio. Either way, we make it easy for you to show you care with the gift of Rolfing!

Package Options

In-Office Sessions

Requires a dedicated empty space for the week that’s 10’ x 10’, we bring our own equipment

We will come to you for an
Employee Wellness Week!

Add to your office holiday cheer by making it an event! I will come to you to give sessions to everyone--increase team building with a shared experience!

  • 10 sessions (65 min each)  $950
  • 25 sessions $2,350
  • 25 mini-sessions (35 min each) $1,500
  • 50 mini-sessions  $3,000

Limited availability

book your week now for Nov, Dec & Jan

(limit 1 session per person)



Gift Certificates for
Studio Sessions

Redeemable at my studio

Don't have an office, or have vendors scattered across the city? Give them a gift certificate! We can even provide a block of time for  employees to come to the studio over a few days so they can share in the experience. Or, have them schedule when it works for them!

Full session (65 min) Packages:

  • 10 sessions $850

Save $400!

  • 20 sessions $1,750

Save $800!

  • 30 sessions  $2,599

Save $1,150!

Limit 1 session per person

Schedule blocks available



Still want to give the gift of Rolfing, but need something more custom?

Just call, and we’ll design a custom package!

Don’t just say you care, show it by caring for others in a way they often overlook for themselves.

Give the gift of Rolfing this holiday season!



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