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The benefits of adding SourcePoint Energy Work to self care

We may be receiving the very best bodywork, Western medicine, and other systems of care yet not progress as well as we could, or be left with lingering symptoms long after they “should” be gone. This can often be due to the lack of awareness or care for the energy body. We radiate a field of electromagnetic energy around us all the time – it’s the way we can feel someone entering our “personal bubble”. Relating to this energy field is very important for our health, and can be the bridge between feeling good physically and carrying that feeling over to our emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing. As you know, when these other areas are healthy, it further supports our physical health and creates a positive cycle.

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What is SourcePoint?

SourcePoint is a way to seamlessly blend a more subtle energetic approach with Rolfing. As a SourcePoint Practitioner, I can let the energies of your body guide the content of the deeper fascial work, and many are amazed by what this can accomplish. Or I can work more exclusively with your body’s energy field, and may not need to lay hands directly on your physical body hardly at all. Either way can allow previous healing work to be fully received and integrated into the body.

SourcePoint was ‘discovered’ by Rolfer and former Zen monk Bob Schrei–please see his website here for more detail about this modality. He views SourcePoint as a scaffolding to allow the information of health which we all possess to connect more fully into the body, via the energy field. It is a very gentle way to work because as we connect to the information of health, our body’s intelligence naturally absorbs and implements what is needed.

In reminding the body of the energetic structures already present, my clients often feel more relaxed, centered and grounded, expanding their ability to manage the stress and chaos which is so prevalent in our work and personal lives today.