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Lack of Work-Life Balance got you in Knots?

As a software engineer by day, gamer by night, Felix spent a lot of time on his computer. Soon, his back and shoulders were bugging him all the time, not to mention the stiffness in his hands, and it started to limit how much he could work. He was in constant discomfort, but he couldn’t tell his boss “no” to a project! After visiting my booth at a famer's market and experiencing a short demo, he signed up for some Rolfing sessions. He really needed less pain and more movement in his hands ASAP, and through deep tissue work he left his first session already feeling better. Additionally, we worked on retraining is nervous system to keep his hands and wrists more relaxed all the time so that the same issue wouldn’t come back.

By the 4th session he could feel a real shift that lasted all week. His back pain was diminishing, and he was also more conscious of his posture all through the workday, without really trying. After the 6th session, he was incorporating simple stretches throughout the day, and he found he had a lot more energy by the end of work to play with his son. He got back to biking on the weekends, and got a standing desk. By the 10th and final session in the Rolfing series, the pain he thought he was stuck with was gone, and stayed gone! No further treatments were needed as none of his symptoms returned.

Clients who sign up for the 10 series often enjoy benefits such as:

• Long term pain relief

• Positive Whole Body changes

• Better body awareness

• Define and Master Healthier Habits



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"Juliet's practice has been really helpful in treating pain that has resulted from long hours at my desk job. I was suffering from quite a bit of pain in the wrist and upper back, and that's lessened significantly. Beyond the short term relief following an individual session, I've learned to pay more attention to my posture, which is something I'll continue working on for years to come."



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Is Your Pain Impacting Your Performance?

Dave loves making music, and his band had been doing so well that he was able to quit his job as a cook and kitchen manager at a popular local restaurant. They were playing gigs at weddings and festivals all the time now. But his hands were often getting suddenly weak, or numb, and his left shoulder was in pain a lot of the time. He knew he’d had tendonitis for a while, but he didn’t want to go to the doctor because he thought they’d probably suggest surgery, and he really wanted to avoid that! Not only was it expensive, but there would be a long recovery period, and he’d heard that sometimes it didn’t even stop the pain effectively in the long term.

So when a mutual friend suggested he try Rolfing, he was up for it. The life of a gigging musician meant he couldn’t afford 10 sessions all in a row; instead he got a Rolfing session once every month or two when he needed it. That proved to be enough to restore the strength in his hands, and keep the pain to a much more manageable level. When he comes in for a session, I work with each finger to help it move without restriction, and work with him to retrain his nervous system to be able to move his hands with the most refinement and least effort necessary. He knows he can call me up and get support whenever the need arises. This has helped him keep up with the demand for his gypsy jazz band, which is growing all the time!

Check them out on to see when and where their next show will be!

• I know that not everyone has the time or finances to commit to 10 sessions,

   and I’m willing to work with you

• Don’t just take the doctors word for it! There may be more options for you

• Try Rolfing first, and if you need surgery you can always go back later

• Prevention is key if you want to keep up with a lifestyle that’s very taxing to your body



Find out how Rolfing Sessions can be tailored to meet your needs

“Juliet's rolfing bodywork is amazing. I am a professional guitarist and chef, needless to say I put a lot of strain on my body. Juliet has helped me with a lot of pain issues, and worked to get me in better alignment. I highly recommend her!”



Getting Older Doesn’t Have to Mean Getting Slower

Mary had been retired several years from her career as a massage therapist, and had always been curious about Rolfing, but never tried it. Her main joys and activities in life were taking care of her husband, long walks out in nature, keeping up with her grandkids, and running the annual gingerbread house contest at the local historical society. Despite her years, she stayed active and busy and wanted to keep it that way! So when the pain in her feet and legs began slowing her down, she decided to give Rolfing a try.

When I met her and evaluated her posture and movement, I explained to her that we could do a session or two just focusing on her feet and legs, but that I wouldn’t be able to address the larger issues and the pain would most likely come back within a few weeks or months. If she invested in the comprehensive treatment known as the 10 series, we could work systematically with each area of the body and address how everything contributed to her foot pain. She was intrigued by the idea of discovering how it was all connected, so we set up a payment plan so that she could do all 10 sessions on her fixed income.

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Make time for what matters the most... YOU!

Joni owns her own brownie company, and it was starting to take off. She had recently gotten her brownies into the local health food store chain, and everyone loved them. But it was hard to enjoy her success when she could barely keep up with all the work she had to do. Wrapping brownies for hours on end left her arms and shoulders stiff, and running around her kitchen on the concrete floor all day was really hurting her hips. She knew she couldn’t keep going like this, so she did some research online and found out about Rolfing. She also remembered a friend who had done it and found it really helpful, so she called me up.

The first session hurt a little bit, but she could tell it was the “good hurt”, the kind that could begin to release all the stiffness. And afterward she felt so much better! She decided to sign up for all 10 sessions to really get back to feeling like herself again. Though 10 sessions was a big commitment while running a business, she now had something to look forward to every week: time to relax, take care of herself in a meaningful way, and share a few laughs about life and running a business.

Now, Joni is back to feeling good, and knows its worth protecting her health so she can enjoy her work and family life more! She now has a staff to help with baking and packaging, so she can grow the business without getting injured.

You can order her delicious brownies at

Rolfing can help you

• Take back control of your body

• slow down and connect with what you enjoy in life

• Have a time for self care

• Get relief from shoulder and back pain



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Now offering mini sessions at your: office, retirement home, coworking space, condo lobby… Do you manage or own an indoor space where people could use a pick-me-up?

Up your game from free coffee, and offer your people a long lasting solution! I will happily come set up my bench and offer free 5 min demos of what Rolfing can do, plus longer 20 min sessions for only $35! Your people will appreciate the ability to try something new with hardly a hitch in their regular routine. And the atmosphere is always enhanced when Joe’s neck isn’t bothering him, Sally gets some relief from her low back pain….



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Your first session is 75 min which includes initial intake information and getting to know your health background. Returning client sessions are 60 min.

You may book by clicking the link on any item below, or call/text 303-817-4006 or email

My office is located at 190 e 9th ave suite 270, just south of downtown Denver. Assigned parking is available by request. Business hours are Sun 12:30-5:00, Mon 9:00-2:30, Tues 9:00-2:30, Weds 12:30-5:00, Thurs 12:30-5:00


Choose from the following sessions, or call for a custom visit!

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The Introduction

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 if it's for you?

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The Sojourn

A mini series of 3 sessions to get your smaller problem addressed.

All good stories have a beginning, middle and end. Use the power of momentum to take a deeper dive into your issue, addressing some root issues, while keeping it accessible and affordable.

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Single Sessions & Specialty Options

Screen Reboot: Too much time on screens is the norm for so many of us these days. Come in for a session tailored to alleviate WFH!

Postpartum Rx Relief for New Moms: I'll help release pain and tension in hips and low back from your birth experience to shoulders and neck from feeding and carrying your babe.

Single sessions for returning clients are $130

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The Journey

Ida Rolf's "classic 10" series addresses the body holistically to bring your whole self
to the next level of potential

Level up with a 10 Series

The services I offer are almost all within the framework of Rolfing. Within that, there are different approaches to fit your needs. These depend on how many sessions you would like to do, what your level of experience with Rolfing is, your sensitivity level, and what kind of contact you prefer.


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