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What is Rolfing?

Rolfing is a form of holistic manual therapy, as well as a way of understanding our physical structure and movement. That is, it’s hands-on bodywork that sees the body as a complete system which is shaped by everything we do and perceive about our bodies.

How about a free consulation?

A Rolfer sees the body as a cohesive whole, whose structure is determined by a network of connective tissue called fascia, which works seamlessly with our muscles, tendons and bones. When we are pulled out of alignment with true vertical, we constantly have to exert effort as we struggle to remain upright. Rolfing sees the each person’s unique patterns of strain that develop from this and directly manipulates the fascia to bring the whole body into balance and alignment with gravity. We are then free to let go of the chronic holding and tension we no longer need.


What happens in a session?


If it is our first session, we will sit down and talk about your desired outcomes of the work. What is it you’d like to gain from Rolfing? If we can both get a good sense of your answer to this, the sessions are likely to be more fruitful.


Because Rolfing is designed to address each client’s particular patterns of body use, each session will begin with some postural and movement analysis. You may be asked to walk around the room, stand, stretch, do some knee bends or foot movement. This also provides an opportunity for you to tune in to your own felt sense and notice how your body feels before the work, which gives you a much more accurate ability to track the “before and after”. Then we will move to some table work, which usually takes the bulk of our time.


At the end, I will have you stand up, walk around and feel what is happening in your body. Getting your own proprioception involved helps the work integrate with your nervous system, making a more effective and lasting change. Sometimes putting words to the change you feel also helps it register in your brain. If you don’t feel a change, that’s perfectly fine. Everyone’s body integrates things at a different pace, so I’ll ask you to pay attention to it over the next few days.

“Working with Juliet has been great!

I've been dealing with chronic pain from compartment syndrome in my legs during athletic events, which has kept me from enjoying one of my passions and has had me considering retirement from my favorite sport.

Working with Juliet for just a couple months has helped me reach easily manageable pain levels, and I anticipate that over time we will be able to entirely overcome my symptoms.

Highly recommended!”



What is Rolfing most helpful with?


Rolfing can be helpful with improving posture, having more energy, increased athletic performance, better range of motion and flexibility, integration & healing after surgery, more confidence and comfort in your own skin, re-organizing the body after pregnancy, general tension, stress and fatigue, better understanding of the signals your body is giving you, working with the component of emotional trauma that is stored in the body, and achieving more awareness on many levels.


Rolfing can also be very helpful with the following conditions:


Plantar Fasciitis, Scoliosis, Tendonitis/Tennis Elbow, Headaches including migraines, Low back pain, Shoulder pain, Neck pain, Repetitive stress injuries, Chronic tension, TMJ & jaw pain, Sciatica, compartment syndrome, some digestive issues, and many other musculoskeletal disorders.


Ready to give Rolfing a try?

“I have really high arches, and I love to wear sandals and also high heels. As the years have progressed, my feet started hurting and eventually got to being painful all the time. In the morning it was almost unbearable to walk. I met Juliet in a networking group, and since I had a friend who had great success with rolfing to fix a hand injury, I asked her if maybe it could help my feet. After the first session, I was able to walk normal again! And the results lasted! Unlike a regular massage, the pain went away and has stayed away. I signed up for multiple sessions, and after each one I feel better, not just in my feet but hips, legs, back, shoulders...


If you've been told whatever pain you have is just age related, that you should have taken better care of yourself and now you just have to live on Advil, get in to Juliet for a visit.
I don't know how I've lived without her! My feet are so happy!”



Is Rolfing painful?


Rolfing has a reputation for being painful. This is largely based on some ways of working that were popular in the seventies, which the Rolf institute no longer teaches. Sometimes it is because we have been ignoring our bodies for so long that pain is the only sensation we recognize. Personally, I do not think pain should be part of the process. Sometimes there can be intense sensations you may not have felt before, but I am here to help you work with those. They usually feel like heavy pressure, or a deep stretch. I will never push beyond your comfort level, so as long as we are communicating, the work will not be painful.


What to wear


In order to most clearly see your structure, you may be asked if you’re okay  with doing this in your “rolfing uniform”, which consists of underwear, a bathing suit, or shorts and a sport bra—whatever makes you comfortable while making skin contact as simple as possible. If possible, avoid synthetic material like spandex or nylon, as it is more difficult to contact the connective tissue through this than through natural fibers.

For men:
Please wear cotton boxer briefs or similar.


For women:
Please wear a bra that reveals your spine, with two shoulder straps
 rather than a halter or one-strap-up-the-middle design.

Need more details?


My office is located on the east edge of Capitol Hill at 9th & Sherman, just off Lincoln.

There are also lots of metered street spots which don’t tend to fill up, or free 2 hour parking
just east of Logan or north of 9th.

I take cash, check or credit...and take note that prices are $5 less by cash.

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Give me a Call...303.817.4006

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