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Your first session is 75 min which includes initial intake information and getting to know your health background. Returning client sessions are 60 min.

You may book by clicking the link on any item below, or call/text 303-817-4006 or email

My office is located at 190 e 9th ave suite 270, just south of downtown Denver. Assigned parking is available by request. Business hours are Sun 12:30-5:00, Mon 9:00-2:30, Tues 9:00-2:30, Weds 12:30-5:00, Thurs 12:30-5:00


Choose from the following sessions, or call for a custom visit!

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The Introduction

Want to give it a try and see

 if it's for you?

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The Sojourn

A mini series of 3 sessions to get your smaller problem addressed.

All good stories have a beginning, middle and end. Use the power of momentum to take a deeper dive into your issue, addressing some root issues, while keeping it accessible and affordable.

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Single Sessions & Specialty Options

Screen Reboot: Too much time on screens is the norm for so many of us these days. Come in for a session tailored to alleviate WFH!

Postpartum Rx Relief for New Moms: I'll help release pain and tension in hips and low back from your birth experience to shoulders and neck from feeding and carrying your babe.

Single sessions for returning clients are $130

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The Journey

Ida Rolf's "classic 10" series addresses the body holistically to bring your whole self
to the next level of potential

Level up with a 10 Series

The services I offer are almost all within the framework of Rolfing. Within that, there are different approaches to fit your needs. These depend on how many sessions you would like to do, what your level of experience with Rolfing is, your sensitivity level, and what kind of contact you prefer.


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