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Hypermobility & EDS

Hypermobility isn't just about weird party tricks.


As you may know, hypermobility or EDS can cause severe discomfort. When you are hypermobile, the body can create extreme tension in other areas to attain stability and be able to get through the day. And when some areas are constantly tense and others too loose, the whole system pays the price in reduced energy and chronic pain.

I have worked with a number of clients who can attest: Rolfing can help ease these symptoms. It is understandable to be hesitant to receive deep bodywork–I believe you should be cautious with massage and especially with chiropractic. Rolfing is unique in that we are always looking at the body holistically, knowing that a symptom in one area usually has implications in others. As a Rolfer, I am trained to look at the overall pattern of imbalance and assess what needs to be done to restore stability. I am very specific and purposeful when I work with hypermobile folks, and am not afraid to work asymmetrically either. Hypermobility is a complex issue that affects everyone slightly differently, and some are extremely sensitive to touch, so I cultivate the ability to work effectively at many different levels within the tissue.

I assign gentle strengthening homework tailored for your needs to further your progress. This can bring you back to overall balance much more effectively than a basic massage.

Dealing with hypermobilty complications? Let's get you back in balance!

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What my hypermobile clients are saying:


“I have EDS, a connective tissue disorder where my tissue is too flexible and my muscles try to compensate through hypertonia. I have chronic pain in my joints and muscles and experience weakness. Working with Juliet has been a gift. She has been able to start to figure out the patterns my body has put in place to try and keep my joints supported and she has been able to start to build trust with my muscles to relax and try doing what they're supposed to do instead of what they "think" will help. After a session I usually have 3-4 days with minimal pain and I have more stability in my hips and legs. Juliet really listens to what my intuition tells me about my body. She validates me and educates me so I can support my own body better and visualize the healing that we are collaborating on.”


–Jess D.